Michigan gets to play Alabama in the Citrus Bowl on New Years Day. Chris and Kile talk about what a win could do for the perception of Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football program.

The Red Wings are on for a potential historically bad run. Listen to find out just how bad they have been.

Chris and Kile are now tied at 7 on the year in their Daily Draft Duel series for the year. Tune in if you're looking for some daily fantasy football advice for week 15, or if you are trying to figure out who to start in your season league playoffs.

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Michigan loses to Ohio State yet again, however Chris tells you why you're being rediculous if you think that Michigan needs to fire Jim Harbaugh.

Michigan basketball is off to a great start, however Michigan State basketball is not.

The Lions stink, and there is no reason why they should've lost with a third string quarterback playing as well as he did.

Chris and Kile tell you who they like in daily fantasy football this week for this weeks Daily Draft Duel. Chris is now ahead 7-6 on the season in Daily Draft Duel.

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What should the expectations of Michigan be in this years game? Weather forecasts call for sleet in Ann Arbor this Saturday.

The Lions lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. How bad will it get before the Lions get rid of Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia? Should they play one of their Tight Ends as a QB?

Daily Draft Duel, and Chris and Kile's favorite daily fantasy football picks for NFL Week 13. Chris and Kile are now tied at 6-6 on the season in their weekly Daily Draft Duel battles after Chris' 2nd win in a row.


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Kile and Chris talk about the extent of the Michigan and Michigan State rivalry, share some facts that you may of not known. Tune in for a history lesson.

Kile and Chris both rip the Lions for not being able to play winning football as they recycle through coaching staffs every three years.

Kile is ahead of Chris 6-5 in this seasons Daily Draft Duel, hear who they like in this week for daily fantasy football.


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BYP Bonus to episode 70!

Wingingitinmotown.com's Peter Flynn joins Chris via skype to talk about what he sees in the future with the Red Wings and their young stars along with Steve Yzerman and how he has started to build this team.

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The Red Wings have recently traded for Robby Fabbri from the NHL Stanley Cup Champions St. Louis Blues. Kile and Chris discuss what impact he has on the team.

The big week is here, Michigan and Michigan State. Will Michigan keep the Paul Bunyon Trophy or will MSU take it back? Hear what Kile and Chris think.

Chris rips the Lions franchise for wasting the talent of Matthew Stafford.

Daily Draft Duel as well, Kile is up 6-4 on the year over Chris. Listen if you want some solid daily fantasy football advice.

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How in the world do the Lions have one of the worst defenses in the NFL?! Should Matt Patricia be fired? If he should be, will he be with Bob Quinn as the General Manager?

Chris and Kile explain why they don't think that the Pistons will make the playoffs this year.

Daily Draft Duel, listen for advice on who to choose this week for daily fantasy football!

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What chances do the Red Wings and Pistons have this year at success?

What does Michigan need to do to finish out the year and make their fans happy?

Who needs to step up for the Lions in order to stay in the highly competitive playoff race of the NFC?

Who do Kile and Chris like for their Daily Draft Duel picks of NFL week 9? By the way, Kile is up 5-3 over Chris on the season in Daily Draft Duel.

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The Lions shot themselves in the foot against Minnesota, and they trade a key player on defense. What's next for the Lions?

Michigan losses to Penn State in yet again frustrating fashion. Any point in watching their games to finish out the season?

Pistons are without Blake Griffin for several weeks, what to look for while he's out.

Daily Draft Duel.

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What do the Red Wings need to do to take this era of the Red Wings to the next level?

Chris is confident that Michigan can put up a good fight against Penn State, Kile is not. Tune in to hear the debate.

Great minds think a like, hear who Chris and Kile like this week for daily fantasy in NFL week 7.

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